2012 Florida Gator Football Preview

The 2012 Gator Football Season is very close to being underway, and with the August heat comes the restless anticipation for College Football. Fear not Gator Faithful, I’ve got you covered on what to expect this season for your Orange … Continue reading

2012 is the year we stop chanting “S-E-C”

Guest Post from “The Unsportsmanlike Gentleman”. Yes, he is back!!! He’s famous for his Muschamp Intensity Meter, and he can be found on twitter at @UnsportsmanGent. Now he takes on the “S-E-C Chant” and it’s absurdity. Enjoy… It’s good to be back … Continue reading

Kedric Johnson appears to be having surgery today

Gator Defensive End, Kedric Johnson, suffered a knee injury last week and it appears he may be going in for surgery this morning. Coach Muschamp has not given a time frame for Johnson’s return.

Tim Tebow’s controversial Jesus Pose

Sports talk radio is already ablaze this morning regarding the (made up) controversy over a photo published in GQ magazine of Tim Tebow shirtless (supposedly) posing like Jesus Christ.  Some NY radio host (who we won’t even name here) began … Continue reading

Bourbon Meyer Transitions to “Our Two Bits”

Gator Nation has spoken and we are transitioning our name and branding to OurTwoBits.com. You will notice the changes over the next few weeks. We already updated our Twitter Account, but branding/graphics/etc are next. We are not losing sight of … Continue reading

30 for 30: Question #28- Have we ever punted on 3rd down?

Obviously, this is not a “real” question, however, think back to the last two seasons of Gator Football and let’s reflect. Be honest… by the middle of the Florida State game last year, on 3rd and 7, it crossed your … Continue reading

Bourbon Meyer’s new name should be?..

It is time. The name WILL change. Since Urban Meyer left Florida (twice), we have consistently struggled with whether or not we should change the name. We have asked a few times on Twitter and other social media and the responses … Continue reading

30 for 30: Question #29- Was Will Muschamp secretly (or not so secretly) thrilled that Charlie Weis left Florida?

I actually am the type of guy to answer a question with a question, so here it goes: Does a bear $hit in the woods?!? The Charlie Weis Project is almost impossible to describe in real life terms. I’ve tried … Continue reading

30 for 30 – Question #30: Who do we trust to get 3 feet?

Bourbon Meyer is going to camp! Not actual training camp, but we’re going to get ourselves into tip-top writing shape. Welcome to the first (and probably only) Bourbon Meyer “30 for 30″.  30 Questions answered in 30 Days. Back in … Continue reading

Gator Band Performs Alma Mater in London

If you did not know (you might be living in a bubble) the University of Florida band has been in London and performing for the 2012 Olympics.  Watch them perform UF’s Alma Mater at the London Tower….Pretty cool experience… YouTube … Continue reading